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     Now, the evidence to the right of the page I didn't even have to go to the set to get, although I didn't realize it until then. Now, look at this picture, which is a screen shot directly from the show. Now, behind Po, there is a building. You guessed it, that is the English branch of Acme Labs. And guess who owns the field? Acme Inc., the corporation that owns Acme Labs. This is when things started to fit together.

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What's a lab doing in the background

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     After the tubbies had filmed for about an hour or so, they had to take a break (union rules). Tinky-Winky grabbed his bag, and went over by a part of the field that looked like it was covered in Astroturf. He took off his mask, and stood revealed as (I know this is hard to believe) Pinky, Brain's partner in crime. Now, how did a ordinary lab mouse grow to the size a human being? I have no earthly idea, if you do, e-mail me.





Here's a picture I took of `Po' whilst he was taking his break. As you can see, he is actually an evil lab mouse bent on taking over the world. How did this all come about, go to the next page to find out....

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